SiN Episodes: Emergence

SiN Episodes: Emergence 1.0

SiN Episodes: Emergence puts you again in the dangerous streets of Freeport

Back in 1998, Ritual Entertainment released a great action game called SiN, where you took the role of John Blade trying to solve the mystery of missing people in Freeport. The game was fun and had all the elements of it being a great action game. However, it had two problems - firstly, it had small but annoying bugs, and secondly, "Half-Life" was released at the same time. As a consequence, the game is relatively unknown.

Forward to 2006, Ritual decided to revive the franchise with a series of small "Episodes" based on the SiN universe. The first episode was entitled "Emergence". In "Emergence" you take again the role of John Blade, though now the evil Elexis Sinclaire has captured and injected you with an unknown substance. You must now find and antidote while hunting Elexis and killing her hordes of mutants, though not necessarily in that order. In essence, the game itself is what a shooter must be - fun and with tons of action. However, in "Emergence" you only have three weapons available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The number of enemies has also been reduced, though they provide all the fun you need. "Emergence" is priced at $9.99, since it was supposed to be part of a series of episodes released through Steam. However, only this episode made its way into the pipelines. This is no excuse though, as this game is a completely finished and polished product. Not only fans of the original SiN game need to have this one too, but also fans of action games in general. It is funny, it is entertaining, and it is affordable.

Ismael Mireles
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Review summary


  • Great action
  • Low pricing
  • Fast and smooth game play


  • No multiplayer available
  • Small number of weapons/enemies
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